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An Open Letter to the One that Got Away 07/01/2017
Notes for my Heartbroken Friend 04/16/2017
the case of the goodbye, Grindr 04/16/2017
Oo 12/07/2016
the case of bratty's birthday 09/19/2016
the case of bratty's birthday 09/19/2016
the case of the goodbye 10/11/2012
The VG adventures/mahjongera sessions: the crying Sunday 10/09/2012
the case of the spiritual gifts training 10/09/2012
one-liners 10/06/2012
a real travel post: the next places to conquer 10/05/2012
my soul's travels: Ephesians 4:29 10/05/2012
my soul's travels: James 2:12-13 10/04/2012
a real travel post: my week in pictures 10/04/2012
the case of the Bible reading plan 10/03/2012
my soul's travels: 2 Corinthians 5:17 10/03/2012
my soul's travels: Ezekiel 36:26 10/03/2012
A real travel post: Day 5 of the 1st adventure 10/03/2012
my soul's travels: James 1:19 10/02/2012
the case of the vacation summarized 10/02/2012
the cray cray adventures: a short, shorts day 10/02/2012
The case of the walk out queen 09/30/2012
A real travel post: Day 4 of the 1st adventure 09/29/2012
A real travel post: Day 3 of the 1st adventure 09/29/2012
A real travel post: Day 2 of the 1st adventure 09/29/2012
The case of the nightmare 09/25/2012
A real travel post: Day 1 of the 1st adventure 09/25/2012
the day before the big travel 09/23/2012
hello, life test, 1, 2, 3 09/21/2012
the case of the bank passbook 09/20/2012
my soul's travels: the Christian i see 09/20/2012
the start of something good 09/17/2012
playlist update: sweet surrender 09/17/2012
random babbles: doodling on my laptop 09/15/2012
Playlist update: Open my Eyes 09/13/2012
poem vomit: the reform 09/11/2012
mahjongera sessions/cray cray adventures: quickie post 09/10/2012
me 09/07/2012
quickie post: Monday and Tuesday blahs 09/07/2012
Poem vomit: the epiphany 09/03/2012
a trip to Katipunan, Fairview and Fort Bonifacio 09/03/2012
The day my friend got married 09/02/2012
the case of the passport forgotten 08/31/2012
the case of the perfect prototype 08/30/2012
the trio adventures: catching up 08/30/2012
a real travel post: transpo and budget 08/30/2012
playlist update: jars of clay 08/30/2012
a real travel post: the planning stages 08/29/2012
quickie post: my dream today 08/29/2012
playlist update: joss stone 08/29/2012
a real travel post: any suggestions for my trips? 08/28/2012
the cray-cray adventures: the day i prayed and almost wept 08/27/2012
the mahjongera sessions: the Makati pigout 08/27/2012
Regret 08/26/2012
unfinished 08/24/2012
my soul's travels: PDL Days 8-13 08/22/2012
my sinful life 08/21/2012
the case of the sleepless and full-stomach weekend 08/21/2012
for you 08/17/2012
my soul's travels: PDL Days 5, 6 and 7 08/16/2012
The trio adventures: how are we? 08/15/2012
"Oo" 08/14/2012
Project 365 08/13/2012
For Derrick 08/13/2012
My soul's travels: PDL Days 3 and 4 08/12/2012
The case of the lovelife forgotten 08/12/2012
The cray-cray adventures: with the soon-to-be newlyweds 08/12/2012
Quickie post 08/12/2012
The case of the old blog posts 08/11/2012
my soul's travels: PDL Days 1 and 2 08/11/2012
the case of the stranded siren of the dark seas 08/11/2012
Poem vomit: bridal thoughts 08/09/2012
The case of the urban beach 08/07/2012
the cray-cray adventures: the soulful Sunday 08/05/2012
the case of the future experiments 08/05/2012
the rollercoaster week 08/05/2012
the cray-cray adventures: the Sunday slam 07/30/2012
random babbles: the current playlist 07/27/2012
Regression? 07/27/2012
Prideless 07/22/2012
Relapse 06/01/2012
Dormancy 05/31/2012
Platonia 05/15/2012
The Absolut Adventures: How is your soul? // The Vow 03/03/2012
Random babbles: the love bug 02/10/2012
The trio adventures: of deathbed questions and goodbyes 02/10/2012
Peg sa Tagalog 01/20/2012
my December weekends 12/26/2011
Of christenings and other reunions 12/08/2011
My thanksgiving weekend 12/08/2011
The Absolut Adventures: An Absolut Weekend in the Metro 11/21/2011
Enchanted Kingdom, nuff said! 11/21/2011
The Absolut Adventures: last Absolut Friday night 11/13/2011
random babbles: what justin and mila could have done 11/07/2011
solitary sunday 11/06/2011
trio adventures: quickie chic boy and zombies 11/06/2011
Parallel 2 11/02/2011
the case of the milk tea 11/02/2011
a quick trip to manila north and sm san lazaro 11/02/2011
The Saturday Surprise 11/01/2011
the splendid sunday 10/25/2011
Parallel 1 10/24/2011
my poems for high school girls 10/23/2011
my satisfied taste buds 10/23/2011
The Case of the Taxi Driver 2 10/20/2011
the case of the grindr 10/16/2011
sleepy sunday 10/09/2011
the trio adventures: grills and sizzles, oasis 10/08/2011
crazy, stupid me 10/08/2011
The Case of the Pimple 09/19/2011
random babbles : random thoughts again 09/16/2011
That Jerk 09/16/2011
He's got that Super Bass 09/05/2011
The Varicocele Diaries 2 09/05/2011
poem vomit: the spectator 08/28/2011
The Case of James Soriano 08/26/2011
my bucket list 08/25/2011
The Trio Adventures: Cyma, Septic Tank 08/19/2011
The Trio Adventures: Boulevard Diner 08/19/2011
random babbles: random thoughts 08/18/2011
The Varicocele Diaries 08/18/2011
Varicocode 08/11/2011
The Case of the Taxi Driver 08/10/2011
On my Playlist 08/08/2011
my love for you is deep 08/06/2011
More Random Trainer Moments 08/05/2011
No Holiday? 08/05/2011
Random Trainer Moments 08/03/2011
Zombadings (Patayin sa Shokot si Remington) 08/03/2011
i will never know 08/02/2011
when Bookie closes a window... 08/01/2011
The Case of the Godparents 07/31/2011
Zombadings 07/30/2011
New things aren't necessarily shiny 07/30/2011
Catching up 07/30/2011
My Fellow Supestahs! 07/30/2011
The Social Networking Effect 07/29/2011