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the case of the sleepless and full-stomach weekend

(with an emergency mahjongeras session)


Last Friday, i went to work really early because i was supposed to meet Derrick and give him cupcakes, but something happened the day before and well, i did not have cupcakes to give. Derrick went somewhere else instead, and I, feeling alive-alert-awake-enthusiastic on a payday Friday, still decided to go to work early and eat at Manang's! I discovered Manag's when i went out on a date with Paul months ago in Mercato. Well, it was just a stall there. The one along Morato was an actual resto. The place looked like a less fancy Jollibee but with the same friendly crew. I totally understood the understatement with the interior because my focus was on the food. When i arrived, i was the lone customer. Minutes later, there were pairs of people coming in, some i think were dates, and i felt a bit sad. I was the odd, gay man out. Anyway, i ordered the four-piece chicken wings, which was actually just two wing parts cut into halves, so you have four. I don't care. memories came back when i savored the hot meat, crunchy skin and delicious original sauce. I forgot about Bon Chon and Four Fingers altogether. Oh-la-la.

I had to leave soon (with Romy's take-out) because i knew it was difficult to get a cab along Morato going back to work. I didn't want to walk. Ugh. When i got back to the office, Romy reminded me that there was a birthday celebration at work. Wooooh! We had spaghetti (Filipino sauce), pizza and ice cream. Double. Effing. Dutch. When the food came in, we were in a meeting. After the meeting my food was already gone. Romy and i kept talking about Manang's to Ray and Rem that we decided to order 24 pieces more. Yes. The four of us. 6 pieces each. By the time the delivery arrived, i was almost full. I stopped eating after my third piece. Yes, sometimes i give up (i wish it was that easy for other things). I finished my sixth piece towards the end of my shift. I could feel my heart complaining about all that oil. Sorry.

Anyway, we ended our shift kinda happy. So i went home early and didn't ask them out. By the time i was about to sleep, i caught Burn on Grindr. Well, we had to talk about Vince at some point. We ended up conferencing Rye, who just got out of work at 7am. Guess what happened next?

So 930am, i was at Starbucks 6750. No sleep. I guess i willed myself to go because i haven't seen Burn for a long time and i wanted to hear his story. And i wanted Rye to hear my story. So i told him my story. I got the reaction i imagined, and no, i did not cry. I didn't cry because i was always the one who cried in public. So i held my tears back for a change. It felt good to unload such things to good friends. Although i knew it wasn't something they could digest right away. I wasn't trying to do anything, i just wanted them to know. Almost all day, i got the remarks i was expecting. It was irritating because everywhere we went, i remembered the thing. Even the songs in the mall were reminding me of the thing. By 11am we settled at A Veneto, which was really disappointing. Well, their chicken pesto was not so satisfying. My stomach was full but my mouth was asking for more. Number one, the chicken fillet was really thin and dry. Two, the serving was surprisingly less than what we expected. Three, i kept comparing it to Napoli. Oh Napoli, I love.

We then went around Landmark to look for un-reading glasses for Rye, and then we decided to got to Cash and Carry. I haven't gone to Cash and Carry for a long time. Well, the last time i did was during Branden's first birthday. And we only went to Jollibee so we never saw the interior. It looked great, compared to the long stretch of stalls from years ago. We went to Smart, but they did not have what i needed so we headed to Sun. After my purchase, we went to Book Sale, my heaven, and bought my third Sedaris book that i may not read until December. After that, i went crazy and bought new underwear. For no reason. We headed back to Glorietta 5 after hearing Jealous for the nth time. We went to Bench again, but this time we didn't buy anything. I lost my will to purchase. And i felt i needed to do number two.

So we went home. I dropped off Rye near his place, but it took me almost an hour to get to our place because of traffic. I forgot it was fiesta in that area. Ugh.

When i got home, i immediately went to the washroom and did my thing. Was too tired to go out with my cousins. I just looked at my purchases. And calculated how much i spent that day. And then slept.

I woke up around 12am the next day because of my freaking alarm. Had we slept before meeting up, i would've been so late because i realized i set my alarm at 12am when i was awakened by it from a deep sleep. So smart of me.

I ended up watching Suits instead.

In a few hours, i was set to go to Fria's christening. Well, it was nice. I also got to see Karen's place for the first time. Loved the food, but i was too tired to stay. When we got home, i felt i wanted to go out, despite the laziness.

My cousins and i, plus two nieces, went to Greenhills. I sold the phone that woke me up and got another Samsung, an Ace, that is locked in TMobile Korea. Great. Then we ate at Little Asia in Promenade. I am loving that place everytime. I went there first with Paul, then Lester just a few weeks ago. Who's Lester? Yeah, Lester. Anyway, we ordered the chicken, Korean beef stew (yum! The Best!) and got my free herbed chicken. I was full! Again! What i love the most will be the Japanese mixed rice with shrimp! Love. It. And then we went home.

At home, i realized that i have been behind with my PDL chapters. Good thing Derrick asked me about it. We were so into the holy stuff and then i fell asleep. Sorry Derrick.

Well, the next day i went to work really early for a report i had to do. Felt sad when i left home because all of them were there. And Marcus was smiling! Well, tomorrow's another day. And tomorrow we will start our Hunger Games at work. we'll only be allowed to eat once a day. How long can i do this? It depends. I gotta fast and pray. Thinking of writing down quick prayers that i can say everyday. One, "Please let me go home safe today, Lord."

See you later!

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